Wednesday, the West Coast League announced that Driveline Baseball is now an Official Development Partner, with a wide range of elements that will provide unprecedented opportunities for WCL teams and Driveline athletes.

“I’ve been admiring Driveline for years,” said Commissioner Rob Neyer, “and I’m thrilled that now we’ll be working so closely with them. Our league mission includes a commitment to both player development and cutting-edge technology, so we couldn’t hope for a better partner than Driveline.”

West Coast League teams will benefit from Driveline’s revolutionary TRAQ technology, along with Driveline’s highly regarded coach certification courses. What’s more, a number of Driveline athletes will have the opportunity to actually join West Coast League teams after completing their early-summer Driveline training blocks.

“We’re incredibly excited,” Driveline CEO Mike Rathwell said, “to partner with and support the West Coast League, a mainstay of the Pacific Northwest’s baseball scene and a jumping-off point for many of baseball’s stars. The combined operational and technical expertise between the two groups points to a bright future for WCL players with access to a wider array of development options, and for WCL teams that will have new, deeper access to talent.”

The WCL-Driveline partnership is just beginning, and we’ll have exciting updates to share in the coming months.

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