NORTH ADAMS, Mass. – The New England Collegiate Baseball League has agreed to a partnership with Synergy Sports to implement the company’s innovative video technology into each of the league’s ballparks, in addition to adding TrackMan technology to its venues. The two globally renowned products represent the league’s grand vision to enhance the preparation and development for each player in every NECBL organization and to provide Major League Baseball (MLB) scouting departments with more access to player data than ever before.

As part of the agreement, each NECBL organization will install a six-camera Synergy Sports setup in their venues to record and log all game action, assisting coaches and student-athletes with game preparation and post-game review. The partnership also provides a teaching tool to allow coaches to work with student-athletes to develop their skills through detailed analysis of practices and games.

NECBL coaching staffs will benefit from the efficiency of the Synergy Sports system, with teams receiving fully tagged footage of games delivered directly into an online platform for detailed analysis. Players will be better equipped to scout and prepare for their opponents, while also being able to analyze and breakdown their own highlights. All 30 MLB scouting departments across the league have already come to rely Synergy’s elite scouting video services, and now will be able to view every pitch from every NECBL game directly into their draft rooms.

Synergy Sports has built its success on proprietary technology which links meaningful sports data and video clips to create visual statistics and analytics about players, teams and games. Patented “1-Click Video” links every stat to the supporting video, resulting in automatically generated edits that once took coaches hours to create. Infinite sorting and filtering of statistics and video clips in real time gives coaches endless opportunities to discover the answers to important questions as they formulate winning strategies.

TrackMan Baseball is used for player evaluation and development by all major league and minor league teams in the United States, some of the top NCAA programs and by a majority of teams in Japan and Korea. The industry-leading technology captures the most comprehensive and accurate ball tracking data during the game or at practice and is redefining the language of baseball.

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