The “CLPB” is a developmental summer collegiate baseball league that features players from the Div 1, Div 2, Div 3, NAIA, and Junior College levels across the country. Since the creation of the CLPB in 2017, the league has seen rapid growth and expanded quickly to 10 teams. In 2021 the CLPB will feature both a North and South division, and expects to have the most talent rich rosters to date. The founding principle of the CLPB was to address a classic problem that faced college coaches and their prospects as they headed into the summer. Do they make the choice to aggressively train over the course of the summer, and in essence get bigger and stronger? Or do they choose the alternative to go out and get live at bats and innings on the mound in live game settings?

CLPB logoAccording to one of the CLPB league founders Jeremy Plexico, “We created the CLPB to allow college players the chance to do both at the same time. Our partnership with Cressey Sports Performance allows our players the option to participate in industry standard training in the gym, while they are still competing on the field in live game action. The Cressey staff does a great job of creating the gym schedule around game play, and works to create individual training based on players’ strengths and weaknesses.”

Over the past decade the landscape of collegiate summer baseball has continued to evolve, and the CLPB has been fortunate enough to change with the times. Plexico added, “We have partnered with GameKast to provide the livestreaming of all CLPB games to give friends, family, college coaches, and scouts the chance to watch league actions from afar. We are also excited about the fact that all of our league games will have FlightScope data collected. We think both of these items give a lot of value to our players and their experience.”

The CLPB does have a few roster spots remaining, if you are interested in joining the league:  CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE PLAYER QUESTIONNAIRE

Lastly Plexico added, “Ultimately we want all of the players who participate in the CLPB to go back to their respective schools a better player, and help their school win more games. If we do that, we are doing our job!”

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