February 20th

1903 – Nick Young remains N.L. president when A.G. Spalding bows out of the battle.

Christy Mathewson Baseball Magazine1923 – Christy Mathewson becomes president of the Boston Braves after buying the club for $300,000 with New York attorney Judge Emil Fuchs and Bostonian James McDonough. The deal does not include Braves Field, which still belongs to James Gaffney. There are also 85 minority stockholders.

1929 – The Red Sox announce they will play Sunday games (allowed for the first time in Boston) at Braves Field, because Fenway Park is located too close to a church.

1943 – Phil Wrigley and Branch Rickey charter the All-American Girls Softball League. The league will operate around the Chicago area and is formed as a sports backup in case the government shuts down major league baseball. The league will later change its name and switch to hardball with a pitching distance of 40 feet and bases 68 feet apart.

1953 – August A. Busch buys the Cardinals for $3.75 million and pledges not to move the team from St. Louis.

1958 – The Los Angeles Coliseum Commission approves a two-year pact for use of its facility by the Dodgers.

Courtesy Baseball Almanac